conversations FOR CHANGE-individual consultancy programme

Everyone needs one to one support that meets their needs. When problems have come up there is a great need to ensure that professional practice is centred around core values, and that it is accountable.

The sessions are solely for people in professional roles who have a need for assistance arising from identified issues relating to professional practice and who have completed other programmes with us (see below for detailed acceptance criteria).

Our approach is to help people bring into awareness a close understanding of their present situation, accessing new possibilities for the future. This means focusing on what is the case now, letting go of fixed and disempowering ideas about the situation and opening up space. The consultant may also introduce some new ideas arising from the conversations and how the situation is seen. Time is taken to listen closely for the language that is used to describe the issue, reflecting what is see and working to create a space in which new perspectives are possible.    Suggestions for action based on experience of what has worked for people may be made; overall it is for people themselves to step into the space that arises in the conversations.

The underlying principles for this work are accountability, responsibility and awareness.

The sessions can be used to support the on-going implementation of personal development plans, to focus on specific areas of concern, or to ensure that there is an on-going space for reflection and renewal. 

This work is offered in blocks of 6 sessions, of up to an hour and a half each, spaced at 2-4 week intervals over 12 - 24 weeks. Work is undertaken by phone. The block of six costs £850. One off sessions can be booked at £150.

Criteria for participation

  • Completion of three day course (Maintaining Proper/Professional Boundaries; Maintaining Professional Ethics; Maintaining Professional Relationships)
  • Completion of 'Personal Values and Professionalism'
  • Completion of 'Listening In Practice'
  • Assessment interview

Currently the consultancy sessions are facilitated by Clinic Director Jonathan Coe. Call 0203 468 4194 or email on for an initial chat.