United Reform Church, March 2015

I attended the introduction to boundaries and the one on personal and professional values for completely different reasons. However, as soon as we were half way through the day on values I could see that the two issues were inextricably linked.

If you look at many of the diagrams about organisational culture, and leadership and management, shared values is at the centre of the various diagrams. If we are working in an organisation and don’t share its values this is when things can fall apart for us, personally and professionally.

What drives us (our value system) and our own experiences, affects everything we do, including our attitudes to boundaries.

For me the values course was life changing and life enhancing. I would highly recommend that everyone who does the boundaries course also goes that little deeper and does the values course. If you understand yourself better, and how that affects you professionally, it will enhance the service you give, or are employed to give, to others. It will also potentially change your life too!