Exploitation in Higher Education

The Clinic has re-published a book based on research in the nineties 'Sexual Exploitation in Higher Education-A Very Private Affair' by Pam Carter and Peter Jeffs. First published by Education Now we are placing this updated version online for the first time.  Below are downloads for the document in various formats. 

Kindle (right click and save to download).

Reading List

The Clinic has put together a reading list of books related to boundaries and boundary violations. Staff and faculty have found all of the books listed useful in some way, but inclusion on the list isn't meant to constitute a positive recommendation. The list is categorised by professional sector, with some suggestions about where to start reading on speicic topics.  Books written by survivors of professional abuse are marked with an asterisk.  Download the reading list here.  Many of the books included can be found through the Clinic's Amazon site here.

Code of Ethics

The Clinic has a code of ethics, which we are happy to make available for use by other organisations.  SHould you choose to utilise it, we would be grateful if you could let us know about this.  We can also provide assistance to others in order to help develop their own codes.

Options for action for people surviving abuse by professionals

This short guide describes eight possible routes for taking action, from faciliated meetings to reporting concerns and focusing on recovery. It is intended as a first point of reference for individuals. You can download it here.