Maintaining Professional Boundaries

This course is for where there have been concerns, allegations or findings in relation to sexualised or inappropriate behaviour in professional settings.

If you have been struggling with a crisis in your professional life and are facing disciplinary or regulatory enquiries our courses provide an opportunity for reflection, review, consideration and change.

We also train organisations to raise awareness and responsibility and prevent problems happening - see here for more details.

This course is a small-group based programme which helps you improve your awareness of professional boundaries, power, impact, awareness, values and responsibility.

Sexual boundary issues include: inappropriate or unwanted use of touch; sexualised or inappropriate language; sexual harassment; sexualised relationships.

What people say about the  course

The impact of the course has been monumental – as if scales have fallen from my eyes and I am able to have insight not only into my [professional] skills but also with the relationships and connections with my family and friends.
The main impact has been a deep understanding of why we need boundaries and the ability to change practice in order to ensure they are maintained.
The space created by the course approach and structure led to an open dialogue that was hugely useful to me. I found the personal realisations unmasked during the course to be transformative.

The facilitators calm and authoritative approach allowed him to go into very personal territory in a group setting without feeling exposed.

The role-play had a profound impact on being able to see effects of my behaviour

Best course I have ever attended by a long mile. Lovely choice of venue, calming, atmospheric and very conducive to being open and honest and non-judgemental.

You can read more feedback here.

COSt & Dates

The standard fee is £1,250 + VAT (£1,500). This includes all course materials, preparation and a certificate of participation. (Please note there are a small number of places left on the December 2017 course at a  lower rate - please get in touch for details). 

To reserve a place please get in touch using the contact from below, or email on

Places can be held for a short time and are secured once payment is made.

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