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Professional Boundaries & Self-Disclosure - New Course, Low Cost

  • 43 Renfrew Rd London, SE11 4NA United Kingdom (map)

How much personal information is it okay for practitioners to share with the people they work with?

This course is for anyone who would like to improve their understanding of the dynamics of professional/client disclosure, their knowledge of the relevant research and their skills in relation to their own practice.

The day is suitable for anyone who wishes to consider this area of practice, whether in medicine, therapy, nursing, social work, law, ministry or other roles which involve relationships of trust.

Participants will have space on the course to come up with an approach to disclosure which works for them and their clients.

Topics covered include:

  • Is self-disclosure necessary to show empathy?
  • Clients asking for personal information
  • Practitioner initiated self-disclosure

  • Identification with clients
  • What do clients find useful?
  • Risks and dynamics
  • Is withholding personal information damaging to clients?
  • Are some forms of self-disclosure never okay?

This session will run as a small group and will involve considerable interaction with the facilitator and sharing of experience.

The courses is open and is best suited for people who have completed an Introduction to Professional Boundaries course.

The preferred method of payment is by phone (please  call 0203 468 4194).  Alternatively a payment can be made by bank transfer. For more information or to book a place call, or email .  As this is a pilot course the cost is £99 for the April session, and places are limited.

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