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Listening In Practice

  • 43 Renfrew Rd London, SE11 United Kingdom (map)

This course is for anyone who wants to feel free to communicate effectively with the people they work with. Excellent communication is not about talking better, but about listening. When the space is full of our opinions, reactions, beliefs, ideas, thoughts and feelings, listening is difficult. When we are truly listening we are fully present and aware, connected, present, vulnerable and open.

What people say about the course

The conversation about being present in the consultation was really helpful. The reminder about preconceived ideas - that they are only that - and to compare them against what you really know was really very valuable.
I think the conversations were unexpectedly powerful [...].
The course was powerful and moving.
[it gave me] an awareness of what authentic communication requires [and an] appraisal of my own lack of vulnerability / engagement with patients. Remedies and pitfalls for listening.
This challenged me to open and engage with others when I would prefer not to [..].To allow space for others to talk and to actively listen [...]. To face up to challenges from my own listening practice and to improve.
[I got] the importance of emptying the space. [It's] 'not about what I want to hear, but about what they have to say'.
I will implement not only in clinical practice but also outside work setting.
It's easier to remain inauthentic, to adopt a position of power, control etc - listening strips you down and releases possibilities [...] - it is an 'in the moment' transcendent experience.
It has been good to be in a place where my real concerns could be articulated, where I felt understood - listened to.
I also learned much from others, and could see how I became energised when others were authentic.

When people providing a service are fully present the core principles and behaviours associated with professionalism (for example see Gliatto and Stern 2009) arise as a natural consequence. In this space there is a natural connection with the other (empathy and respect); we can listen to their expressed and unexpressed needs (responsiveness); this presence creates trust (fiduciary obligation); dealing with complexity and ambiguity becomes exponentially easier when one is fully present; remaining in awareness has accountability and reflection occur as a natural arising, not as something that requires force or calculation. 

This course takes as its starting point the understanding that human beings have an innate capacity for communicating effectively with others and that this capacity is available to us at any moment. If we are trying to get something, make something happen, are full of opinions or beliefs about the other, or are just waiting for a chance to speak, then the experience is often of not being listened to.   

Communication may be seen as being about purposeless listening, that is, listening without any agenda, other than to hear what the other person is saying, and in this way to be fully present and aware. 

This course has been developed in response to requests from people who have been on our other courses. It may be taken in conjunction with other courses or can be a stand alone.

It will be run as a small group session with restricted places. The approach is a highly interactive one, which will involve a coaching approach and sharing from experience.

The cost is £250 +VAT per person.
For more information or to book a place please  email or call call 0203 468 4194. 

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