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Values in Practice

  • 43 Renfrew Road London, England, SE11 4NA United Kingdom (map)

Core Values are drivers and motivators. When we are living and working in alignment with our values we are effective, productive and clear. When any of our values are compromised we feel dissatisfied, frustrated or over the longer term, stressed and anxious.

Professional Values, embedded within codes of ethics and standards, are seen as necessary to protect the public and to offer consistency in the provision of services.  They seek to bring together people whose main commonality is their choice of occupation; however all will have personal values which may strengthen, enhance, or be at odds with professional values.

This one day course is for practitioners who wish to consider their own values and how they relate to their occupation and to their working environment. An interactive learning session which will lead to each participant leaving with a clear and memorable set of personal values, a strong idea of how these connect to professional values and an action plan for aligning them.

The cost is £250 + VAT.


Call 0203 468 4194 to purchase a place or request an invoice .  For more information call or email

What people say about the course

Extremely effective, thank you. Medical Practitioner
Empowering course, made me feel more whole and that I do have values and that these need to be met for me to be happy. Doctor (GP).
The course helped me identify my core values, reflect on them and identify ways in which personal values can enhance professional values. G.P.
I would recommend this to anybody. G.P.
By making us think in that paradigm, you have potentially changed us for life and we have now the tools to check with in every area of life.  Consultant Psychiatrist

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*course was previously called 'Core Values & Professionalism'