We provide training covering all aspects of professional behaviours, from client/patient interactions to relationships with colleagues, including work on personal and professional values, listening, empathy, self-disclosure, boundaries, probity and ethics.

Our training is relevant for anyone working in human services, anywhere that trust is a necessary component of service and where safety is important. These include, but are not limited to: Health and Care; Psychological Therapies; Clergy & Religious; Coaching; Regulators; Education; Complementary & Integrated Health; Business and Corporate; Advocacy.

Our training is seen as preventative, providing people with the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure safe practice, and remedial, providing a space for people to make effective changes in their working practice following a problem relating to professional conduct.

As well as open sessions, which anyone can book in to, we work with organisations to develop training tailored for the needs of the people attending. We have developed and run training sessions for NHS England, Health Education England, Borough Councils, Churches, Hospice providers, NHS Trusts, Housing Associations and Voluntary Sector groups (see here for a list of people we have worked with).

We can deliver tailored courses on:

  • Introduction to Professional Boundaries
  • Advanced Professional Boundaries
  • Core Values & Professionalism
  • Preventing Sexual Boundary Violations
  • Listening In Practice


All our courses can be booked as stand alone sessions. They can also be booked as a modular package, and there are reduced rates available for this option - please contact us on 0203 468 4194 to discuss.

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