What is witness support?

Witness support is designed to provide practical support to anyone who feels they have been exploited by a professional.  Witness support can: help you understand your experience, suggest different forms of action, help you to write letters or complaints and accompany you to meetings or complaints hearings.  It can also provide you with emotional support whilst you are undertaking these processes.

Support is given in whatever way is most effective and convenient for you, whether by post, phone or email.

We can also provide witness support to people who are acting on behalf of another person, such as a spouse. 

How much do you charge?

We charge £60 per hour.  This includes all time spent reading and answering emails, speaking on the phone, researching, speaking to solicitors and writing or reading complaints. 

We charge for the actual time taken so, for example, if you wanted our opinion on a letter from a regulator we would simply record the time taken to read it, to consult any necessary documents and to email our response.  For a simple letter this may only take a few minutes.  

Therefore if you are on a tight budget it is possible to keep costs down by only contacting us when you really need our experience and expertise. 

Alternatively we can offer a more comprehensive level of support by, for example, writing your complaint and dealing with all correspondence.

Although we can’t make any concessions on fees, we can arrange for payment to be made in instalments.

We strongly advise you to check out any entitlement to free advocacy and advice services, especially if your complaint involves the NHS.  We are happy to advise you on this during the initial free consultation. 

How do I decide whether to have therapy or witness support?

Although there is some overlap Witness support is primarily there to help you with practical tasks. This does not mean that your support worker will not support you psychologically, it just means that the emphasis will not be on helping you to understand your feelings or deal with psychological trauma, it will be with getting you through a practical process.

Who delivers witness support?

Witness support is delivered by staff and associates who have expertise in professional boundaries and experience of professional conduct hearings. 


Whilst we would usually encourage you to try to speak to the professional we recognize that this is sometimes not helpful or possible.  If we consider it to be potentially helpful we will speak to a professional on your behalf.